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Pier and the pier
April 17, 2013, 10:21 am
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Contrary to popular belief, Brighton does not only have two piers. Besides the new fancy pier and the old burnt-down pier Brighton also has Pier, with capital “P”.

The two piers of Brighton have something to say. The new one is a symbol of consumerism, wealth and fun. The old one is a relic of the past and a reminder of the transience of youth. It is also a contemporary piece of art with no functional purpose; proudly posing in the sunset waiting for the next ambitious photographer. The two piers together reveal Brighton’s identity: cultural consumption for those who can afford it.

It could be worse. If the truth be told, Brighton’s relative abundance combined with Bohemia also serve as the breeding ground for all kinds of movements, usually positive ones. Indeed, our local population might be mostly well-off, but at least they occasionally show their support for those less fortunate than them. Evident in those displays of support is that the latter come from people who predominantly occupy positions of domination in society. Peaceful rallies, dressing up to protest, un-dressing to protest, dancing and singing to protest, are definitely not the ways of protest of the dispossessed. I often get the impression that protest is often more a way of performing one’s identity than a manifestation of actual concern and discontent. Anyway, I guess it is better than nothing.

Within this theater that Brighton is, the third Pier, the one with a capital “P”, maybe felt he did not belong.


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