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It is an honour to have been a part of Bolt Thower‘s 26th birthday bash. Boltfest took place at the HMV forum in London yesterday, Saturday April the 7th and for many people it was a dream that came true. It is particularly hard to find so many amazing old-school death metal bands at the same place nowadays. It certainly cannot get any heavier than this bill. Bolt Thrower, Benediction and Autopsy are the ringleaders of heaviness in Death Metal (the only one missing was Asphyx). Discharge was and is the heaviest punk band of all times. Vallenfyre, apart from being one of the best things that has happened in death metal for quite some time, manifests levels of heaviness and brutality that match the prementioned bands.

Vallenfyre started the show around 6 as scheduled. The sound was not the best, but the songs are just so brilliant that can guarantee an enjoyable performance. Gregor’s voice was excellent and he was a pretty cool frontman too (and a musical genious). They played 8 or 9 songs which included grinding treats such as Ravenous whore and Humanity wept, brutal swedish-sounding offerings such as the excellent The divine have fled and Cathedrals of dread, and heavy mounfull dirges such as the majestic Seeds and The grim Irony. They ended their set with the amazing Desecration.

Benediction blew my mind. Even though I thought I was prepared not to get very excited with any of the bands in order to have enough strength to enjoy all of them, I failed to control myself. Benediction was the first death metal band I ever heard so I have a special relationship with them. Plus, they kicked off with Unfound mortality… Other masterpieces that were performed include Nightfear, Nervebomb, Jumping at shadows, The dreams you dread (I almost died on this one), Subconsious terror, they must die screaming, nothing on the inside and the ended with Suffering feeds me. I was expecting Karl Willetts to join them on Jumping at shadows as he did on the record but he did not. Also they cut that song short, which was a bit disappointing.

I had relatively recently seen Discharge, so when they played I decided to relax a bit and have a beer with my friends. Some of the songs I saw them play include Hear nothing, see nothing, Never again, Decontrol and some new songs as well (cctv). While Discharge played I went outside to get some fresh air. There I saw Anders from Unleashed who came all the way from Sweden for the event. True Death-metalhead! So I approached him and we had a nice talk. Again, I was pretty chuffed to meet him since Unleashed has been one of my all time favourite bands since high school. Discharge kept on playing and me and my friends decided to join the ridiculously long merchandise queue.

When Autopsy came out I was at the balcony and decided to see the rest of the concert from there as I was already a bit tired and it had amazing view and, as it turned out, very good sound. Autopsy are also big heroes of mine and true geniouses. Danny must have been completely wasted and he was acting like crazy but it was actually pretty cool to look at. However, I think that the mess-up of the monumental solo on Slaughterday might have been his fault. Joe and Eric were serious and particularly Eric demanded our respect! Chris was maniacal and his voice is probably the best voice in Death Metal. Included in the 10-11 songs they played were Charred remains, gasping for air, ridden with disease, severed survival, twisted mass…, in the grip of winter, dead.

Bolt Thrower‘s entrance was very epic and their overall performance was monumental. They played songs from all their albums in chronological order. From In batttle there’s no law and Honour, value, pride they played one song – In battle there’s no law and Inside the wire respectively. From Realm of chaos, Warmaster, IVth Crusade and Mercenary they played two songs from each and three songs from For Victory and Those once loyal. The highlights of their performance, personally, were World Eater, For victory (which Karl dedicated to his newborn daughter), The Powder burns (in which they skipped the intro and went straight to the melody), At first light and the amazing ending with When canons fade. I think that the audience particulalry appreciated the more groovy songs (From Mercenary and Those ones loyal). Before the concert I told my friends that it would be great if they ended the show with When canons fade and they did! A truly breathtaking song as was the entire concert. I hope that we’ll see more of those bands in the future not only because they are all part of a scene that offered the world of music something new and exciting, but also because all are sincerely into music regardless of money and success.


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