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redundant pleonasms in song titles

I am pretty sure that everyone at some point has said to themselves, “well, that goes without saying” while looking at a song title.  I have come across some really funny redundancies, pleonasms, in song titles and I am going to present some of them on this post. Although some of these titles are probably done in a tongue-in-cheek style, some others are obviously accidental and reflect a desire to put together a title that sounds impressive. With no further ado here are five song titles with pleonasms and an honourary sixth one that makes you think “what the fuck is that?!”.

1. Mercyfull Fate – A corpse without soul: I think it is rightfully on number one. Is there anybody who did not think, “well it goes without saying” when set eyes on this title? Absolutely brilliant song, by true Heavy Metal geniouses King Diamond and co, even though they ripp-off No reprieve by White Spirit.

2. Dismember – Defective Decay: Taken from their third excellent demo “Reborn in Blasphemy” (1990). As if there can be an excellent decay, or something along these lines…

3. Motorhead – Killed by death: Motorhead have lots of song titles that make you wanna scratch your head (e.g. love me like a reptile) but this is definitely the most psychedelic one.

4. Carcass – Swarming vulgar mass of infected virulency: I am not sure whether a virulency can be infected to begin with, but regardless I think it already sounds pretty infected…

5. Discharge – The blood runs red: Taken from their monumental “Hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing” LP.

6. Autopsy – Necrocannibalistic vomitorium: Off their third full-length album. The first time I listened to this album, it was on cassette on a ship to Crete and it made me vomit.




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hillarious post! one question though – killed by death is the most psychedelic a.k.a. beetlejuice?

Comment by ela twra pou kaneis oti den 3ereis

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