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Almost perfect: Repulsion – Horrified
February 5, 2011, 5:44 pm
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I am writing this post under the sounds of Scream Bloody Gore. The idea to write a post like this one came from Crawdaddy! magazine , where the author presents indisputably (according to them that is) flawless historic albums and points out the “weakest cut” on them, may that be a lyric, a melody, or an entire song. In this post I aim to follow their example by presenting the undisputed masterpiece called Horrified by Repulsion.

Most people would admit that Horrified is probably the best album of all time and I would be the first to applaud that statement. There is no question that it’s the best grindcore album of all time. After many many years of listening to this album I still cannot get used to its raw energy, brutality, inventiveness and inspiration. If there is one thing on earth that can make you jump out of your body, it must be Horrified by Repulsion. If there is one single manifestation of youthfulness, of desire to break all barriers and all musical conventions, it must be Repulsion. Nobody preceded them and nobody followed Repulsion. They existed in a universe of their own. No wonder it took so long to be appreciated among their peers. Sure death metal and grindcore after Repulsion is great, but in terms of intensity everyone sounds silly compared to them.

But this classic masterpiece has, in my opinion, a weak moment. While the album flows perfectly from one song to the other, following a formula of very rapidly played power chords and only occasionally proper riffs, like in the end of “The stench of burning death or on slower songs, such as “Black Breath” and “Festering boils”, there is one intro that spoils the abrasive atmosphere. I am referring to the intro on the song “Six feet under”. A riff obviously inspired by the Show no Mercy era Slayer (listen to “Fight till death”), which would be ok if played by your average thrash band, but not by Repulsion. Usually, when I put Horrified on I will listen to the entire album 2 or 3 times in a row. Each single time I will skip “Six feet under”.


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