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November 18, 2010, 12:02 am
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I accidentally discovered Atheist in 1996 returning home after an english exam. I asked my dad to stop the car while passing by a record store near my old neighborhood. We got in and I checked out the records, mainly old thrash and heavy albums like Paradox, Rage, Maiden etc. Among these albums I came across an lp I had never seen before with a white sticker saying “Death metal from Florida with a difference, you better believe it” or something like that. So I asked my dad for money and bought it.

In 1996 Atheist were long defunct already. A few years ago (2006) I had the chance to see them perform live in their reunion tour in Athens and was briliant. I didn’t really expect them to write new music. And here I am today with their new album spinning on my turntable. Expectations are not usually high with bands that reform after many years of silence. The fact that death metal nowadays is more popular than ever is another factor that makes me question the true intentions of bands. However, there was something very honest about their live appearance which made me wonder what they would come up with. It is true that death metal is very popular and that if there is a time for someone playing death metal to succeed  it is now. It is true that death metal is repeating itself and lacks abrasiveness, non-conformity and intellect. It is also true that Atheist created one of the best death metal albums of the last decade. I have to admit that most of contemporary death metal I listen to is very predictable. That is definetely not the case with the new Atheist album. The strange thing is that it does not really have a different approach from their past albums! The explanation I give is that they created a very sustainable style of music back in the day, very personal which was copied both by small and established bands alike (e.g. Death!). This style allows them to explore different territories without losing their character. So their new album has the classic Atheist sound without, however, being predictable. I get goosebumps listening to songs like “Tortoise the Titan” or “Live and Live again”, from how catchy yet innovative these melodies and arrangements are! There are no words to describe songs like the pre-mentioned, or “Faux king christ”. Trying to single out best songs is really difficult though. Every song is simply perfect and capable of mobilising emotions, thoughts and travel you to places were you would not go. There is not one mediocre moment in this album and the more one listens to it more of its dimensions unfold. The artwork is also amazing and the poster that came with the album is already on my wall. This is art.


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