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Brutal memoirs #2

As far as live gigs go, after many years and many gigs, I can say with confidence that the live show that I look back with most nostalgia and happy memories is the Cannibal Corpse gig in 1998 at Woodstock club in Athens (with Dark Funeral and Infernal Majesty). Even though I have experienced live many bands that I love more than CC (e.g. Death, Suffocation, Dismember, Pungent Stench, Entombed, Napalm Death, Slayer, Rage, Nomeansno, etc.), the configuration of factors that night (club, friends, performance) made it unique.

However, this post is about another not-so-significant gig which, however, is potentially of historical importance. That was the 2003 Misery Index-Nile-Sickening Horror gig at An club in Athens (you can see a picture of the ticket stub below). At that point I was pretty chuffed with the first Misery Index album (i.e. Retaliate) and already pretty bored with Nile, who had just released “In their Darkened Shrines” and I found it unexciting. My friends also didn’t want to join me, but I really wanted to see Misery Index so I went.


Misery Index gave indeed a great performance. Members of the audience showed their stupidity in several instances. My favourite moment is when a guy kept screaming “νερό ρε Netherton”, which translates into “Netherton give me some water”. After their performance I got the chance to have a chat with Netherton, Byers and a guitar player MI used to have back then, who kept asking me if I can get him a joint. All of them were super nice and polite and we talked about Dying Fetus and the right-wing direction they were taking after Netherton and co.’s departure.

The opening band, Sickening Horror, was a greek band that certainly amazed me with their super-technical, swampy and disturbed brutal death metal, which reminded of late 90s Morbid Angel, Gorguts, and in general the brutal technical scene that emerged around that time with ambassadors from all around the world (now that I think about it they also sounded a bit like Devilyn!). I also got their demo-cd for free in the entrance of the club. What amazed me most of their performance, though, was their drummer. I couldn’t get my eyes off him! And apparently, Nile couldn’t get their eyes of him either… The drummer’s name was George Kollias, now one of the most respected drummers in extreme metal circles, currently playing with Nile. I have no idea whether that night was the night when the connection between Nile and Kollias was made, but I think it could have been… And that I think would make it a minor part of brutal death metal history!


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