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Ronnie James Dio (1942-2010)
May 24, 2010, 9:30 am
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When I think of Dio I think of my adolescence. Adolesence is the period of a person’s life when new and exciting things happen. And I don’t think that something more exciting could have happened to me than discovering Dio. I was so obsessed with Maiden at the time, to the extent that I would refuse to listen to anything else. Then one fine day, my friend Nick came over with Holy Diver in his hands and forced me to listen to it. I have never been able to describe the feeling when I first listened to Dio’s voice. I think that the first thing that went through my head was that his voice was very pure. Or very clear or something like that! I remember going to another friend’s house on that same afternoon. My friend was not there but I felt I had to tell about Dio to someone. So I put the record to his father instead! I said “Bill, listen to his voice! What is it that makes it so hauntingly amazing?”.

I think that listening to Dio’s voice was like discovering a new colour. Not a mixture of existing colours that will give a new shade, but a new colour. It was an alien feeling that I have never felt since. The first time I listened to Dream Evil I was enchanted. That album took my appreciation to a new level. We would listen to that album over and over and headbang to it, or just sit silent and gesturing the emotions that each song evoked. I always have chills when I listen to the part from sunset superman which says “…and when you wake up in the morning, where you dreaming…screaming…trying to hide your burning heart…” and the final guitar solo of  Naked in the Rain. I have always hated greek metal fans who always said horrible things about that album and greek metal magazines which treated Dio like a washed-up rock ‘n roll star! Arrogant shitheads! They gave horrible reviews to Dio’s albums, and Dream evil was also voted (by readers) at some point among the worst metal albums ever (along with Slayer’s divine intervention, we are talking about all new levels of masturbation)! Further, Dio’s experimental moments manifested in Strange Highways and Angry Machines, I always thought that they were from another universe. But enough with the praise.

I have never seen so much sadness from people around the world as with Dio’s death. If someone takes a look at the news-feed on Babbermouth they will be astounded by the tributes of artists and the responses of readers. Someone said the following: “I still hope that on the third day he will resurrect”. Most people write with tears in their eyes. It is amazing how the loss of someone you have never met can so profoundly affect you. Since last Sunday I feel a void in me that I cannot explain.


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