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brutal memoirs #1
February 5, 2010, 1:24 am
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It was the 7th of September 1999 and I was hanging out with my friend Nick at his house.  He still lived with his parents back then and we were sitting in his room listening to Satyricon. In that room with the wooden floor, the heavy wooden desk and the huge bookcase, we had experienced countless hours of headbanging and philosophising about how amazing the music we listened to was. Some of the most vivid memories include listening to Draconian Times (Paradise Lost) around 1995-1996, or to Coma of Souls (Kreator), Maiden or anything by Dismember, Unleashed and At The Gates.

It was still summer in greece, it was early afternoon and it was fairly hot. I don’t think I had had lunch yet. My mother and my brother were at home, my mother was cooking. My dad was still at work. Me and Nick were as usual wasting our time lying on his bed and listening to Nemesis Divina by Satyricon. Now that I think about it, listening to Satyricon in the middle of a sunny, hot day is quite surreal! Anyway, we were listening to the opening track which kicks off with the line “This is armaggeddon”. At some point in the middle of the song (around the 3rd minute), Nick jumps up and says “listen to the way he says ‘and there was a great earthquake’!, right before Satyr sings the lyric. Right after that, the cd starts to jump. So Nick stands up again furious at his stupid cd player, because it spoiled the atmosphere. Within seconds though, we start to realise that things on the desk also started to move, that the bookcase was moving and that the wooden floor was rumbling and creaking. Eventually, books started falling off the bookcase and we could see the floor moving up and down. I remained frozen on my seat for less than ten seconds and finally Nick grabbed me by my neck and threw me under his desk. We stayed there for another ten seconds untill the earthquake stoped and then we stormed out of the room. By the time we reached the living room the shaking resumed. That day was the start of a week-long period of smaller and bigger earthquakes that kept many people out of their houses. A few people were killed. Many houses were seriously damaged and had to be demolished. And for us, that experience started with Satyr saying “and there was a great earthquake“.

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