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elitism in extreme metal/ Poison – Into the Abyss (1986 demo)

The fight between old scholl death metal and new school death metal is silly. What people fail to understand is that what each one of us thinks as being original is contingent on each one’s personal history. For me, death metal reigned until 1995! Someone who started listening to death metal in 1991, they will most certainly say to me that “…after 1991 death metal became commercial, it died…”. And then another person that grew up with Celtic Frost and early Sarcofago, Sepultura and Carcass will come to argue that death metal died in 1987! Then there will be an even older person who will say that all of these bands ripped off Hellhammer and Bathory, and an older person that they ripped off Venom and Motorhead and eventually a granma will say that all of these bands are fake because they ripped of the Beatles. Do you see the silliness?

The reason why I started this post is because of the arrogance of some people in the extreme metal scene. I’ve been listening to a 1986 demo of a german death/thrash band named Poison. I got this cd years ago from a greek fascist zine  (The Forest) praising old black/death metal. These people were obviously arguing that the “true” scene was back in the late 80s, and that everything after that was a shameful commercialisation. The apparent problem, and silliness, about these people is that their lives are so shallow and meaningless, that the identity they built through belonging to an underground scene constitutes the dominant element of their worthless personalities. Therefore, by watching the scene around which this identity was built becoming mainstream and poser hurts them deeply.

The real problem of course lies in the fact that these people based their identity in people/musicians who were either fascists themselves, or silly kids who eventually could not live up to the standards of these fanaticals. These early black/death musicians that these people praise, belong in one of the above mentioned categories. The fascist ones probably killed one another in these early days or ended up in prison. Good riddance! The rest of these early musicians, who were just kids having fun, of course they would not live up to their expectations because they wanted to be rock stars in the first place. They would not give a rat’s ass about some “real fans” and their beliefs about what they were expected to be! Another thing about these assholes writing this fascist zine. Their fascism stems from the fact that they think that they are more intelligent than most people. So they thought that they belonged to an elite that could “understand” the music. It certainly hurt when they realised that they do not belong to any fucking elite. That the music they thought only they could appreciate, was actually a treat to the ears of millions of other people around the world. THAT IS WHY IT BECAME MAINSTREAM!

Anyway, these assholes did a good thing in their miserable lives, ie to give out all these cool cds, such as the Nihilist demos, the Unleashed demos, the Therion demos, “December Moon” by Morbid, and of course this awesome Poison demo! About that. According to the liner notes, this amazing german band was formed in 1982 and disbanded in 1987. If early death metal bands from Sweden had heard this band then shame on them! Because they should have given them credit for inspiration. This demo is fast and brutal, much more than the extreme german thrash scene (Sodom and Kreator). I can also hear resemblances with Razor from Canada. Certainly it has some ideas that were certainly novel, like the very brutal vocals, and soon to be followed by the then-emerging death metal scene. The “Sphinx” kicks off with the lyric ‘into the abyss I fall’ and brings into mind the Carnage album released several years after. The same goes for the slow part around the second minute… Long songs with complex arrangmements, tempo changes and an evil heavy atmosphere. Of course, those elitist wankers in the zine would never acknowledge that in the song “Yog Sothoth”, one of the riffs resembles the main riff off “Sirens” by Savatage! We should not forget the Lovecraftian references, the song Yog Sothoth, ubiguitous in the non-existent at that time swedish scene. In retrospect, “Morbid Visions” by Sepultura was released in 1986… I would not say that Poison push the envelope any further, although the hyperbrutal vocals and heavy slower parts like in the begining and ending of “Sphinx” are killer!

Bellow you can find the links to downoald this amazing demo. Unfortunately, I just got the software and cannot use it correctly yet, so there’s a different link for each of the 4 songs. Anyway, enjoy!

POISON – Into the Abyss (1986 Demo)

1. Alive (undead)

2. Yog Sothoth

3. Slaves (of the crucifix)

4. Sphinx


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