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cross stitched eyes
August 28, 2009, 11:10 pm
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It has been quite some time since a new punk album blew me away. The latest Propagandhi album was really good but predictable, the canadian band Vancougar I discovered a year ago plays very impressive pop-punk which amazed me, but besides that I’ve been mainly living on early eighties stuff. And honestly I did not see that coming! First of all let me clarify that I am sick of all those new brutal hardcore or crust bands that are poping up every day in every neighbourhood claiming anarchism, or whatever. The rule of the thumb is that they are talentless and devoid of any trace of inspiration or innovativeness, which were the drivers for bands they may look up to such as CRASS, CONFLICT, DISCHARGE, AMEBIX, NEUROSIS etc.

However, Cross Stitched Eyes is nothing like that. I have only listened to it once and now I am writing this. This record is so amazing that it makes me not want to go to sleep tonight, and instead stay up and listen to it over and over. We are talking about 14 songs that each one is unique. That is a damn hard thing to say for a crust album… We are talking about a terrifying claustrophobic atmosphere, desperate melodies, great playing, and fantastic sceaming vocals! There is a huge tempo for each song, making it a very aggressive album overall. The style is consistent throughout the record, but it brings in elements from different genres. The influence of the early english crust scene, may it be the fast one (e.g. Antisect) or the slow/mid-tempo one (e.g. Exit-stance, Cress) is obvious. Amebix of course is the band that comes into mind after hearing the first notes. However, their influence is implicit and does not become annoying like  for example with Born Dead Icons, where at times the resemblance is ridiculous! In other instances, they sound like Celtic Frost (e.g.  the song “Sufffer”) and other times the vocals remind of (the other) Tom from Sodom! There is a lot more, however, on this record that I have not discovered yet (for example, my friend George Norton shrewdly observed that they must have listened a lot to New Model Army! Indeed listen to how the record starts!) .

So if you are into good crust music with character definetly check this out. Below is the song “End”, the closing track of the album.


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