overground scene

The scene goes “underground” for a while

I’ve been writing about music in this blog for more than a year now and I’ve never talked about my own music. The music that I compose and the music I used to compose together with my friends in our old band, was meant to stay underground for several reasons. Firstly, we did nothing to promote ourselves and secondly, we felt that we did not fit even in the community to which our music was refering. I personally did not want to have any relationship with a mentally bankrupt punk community, plunged in drugs, macho-insecurity, and a “punks not dead” mentality.

So even if it sounds weird, we played punk music which we would like to be appreciated by non-punks. Since the sound and the style is, however, burdened with stereotypes and certain connotations, the message we wanted to pass on was doomed to remain unheard. I was always fully aware of this situation and the principles of effective communication (being a political scientist…), but I was reluctant to shed the power of my music. Especialy since it does justice to the content.

Our band’s name was “Νέα Απ’το Μέτωπο” (translates to “News from the Front”). I played the guitar and sang the songs I had composed. My friend Nikos played the guitar and sang the songs he had composed. We did not have a drummer, so we played the drums interchangeably. The original bass player Dimitris quit a while after we started. He wrote a song we continued playing after he left, but I never considered it as “our own” because it was completely alien to the band’s philosophy. Anastasia took his place and also wrote some lyrics. We only managed to produce a rehearshal demo tape with 9 songs. Many other songs were never recorded.

My songs dealt with personal emotions (like Ross would say). The eponymous song refers to “the front” which is primarily my town, then my country, and then the world we live in. The song “Πόλεμος” (war), refers to a war of arguments inside my head around established institutions like the family, compassion for other people, etc. The song “Σοσιαληστές”  (a play on words between socialists and thieves) deals with the inherent “wrong” of representative democracies, since people who are eager to assume responsibilities of entire nations are by definition arrogant and thirsty for power.

As I said in the beginning, the band was doomed to remain underground. I created a myspace page for the band a year ago, but I was never sure why I did it. Maybe I felt that by doing something “formal” for the band, it would not just fade away without a trace of ever existing. I only befriended two or three of the first greek punk bands, with which I think our band shared a vision, and a couple of personal friends. I never requested friendship from foreign bands I have nothing in common and with which I can only be a superficial friend.

p.s. For information about the old and new greek punk scene see punk.gr, anexartisi.gr

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