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1 Year anniversary and answers to our most “not-so-clever” questions!

It’s been one year since I started this blog. My primary expectation, i.e. to engage in dialogue with people interested in the same music as me, has not been really fulfilled. There has been some discussion a few times but nothing even close to a dialogue. I don’t think that the internet and bloging are inhibiting dialogue. After all if one looks at the comments under videos in youtube, they will be surprised by how many timeless discussions are going on and on. However, these do not really constitute dialogue since rarely people have arguments. These discussions are usually between people who like the song/band in question and those who don’t like it. That’s it. And I guess that the limited talkativeness in here makes sense, because the mainstream music community has traditionally being reluctant to discuss. It is easier to insult, or to praise without thinking or without exploring some of the discourses around pop culture. Nevertheless, I have really enjoyed posting this year because, even if sometimes these words fall upon deaf ears, it allows me to talk about music and organise my ideas around music.  Below are some of the funniest terms that people searched and were led to my blog. Now I give them the answer they were looking for:

1. ”composing punk” or a similar search ”how to compose punk”.

Actually there have been more than ten similar searches! What are people thinking?! If you cannot figure it out yourself how to compose punk, then really don’t bother.

2. ”pictures little hardcore”

Someone who wanted to see some porn but did not even admit it to themselves (or the internet).

3. ”black metal album 10  songs”

I hope you found what you were looking for.

4. ”Nicke Andersson without hat”.

A lot of people have searched that!!! If you are so interested you can look at the back cover of the Left Hand Path album, the inlay of Clandestine, other promotional photos during the Clandestine era, some early Hellacopters photos… Also Paying the Dues is a gatefold vinyl and inside there is a huge photo were you can see his forehead and his nipples for that matter, since he does not wear a t-shirt.

5. ”what to listen to when you’ve been cheated”.

Are you actually asking the internet? The internet is not a person! Anyway, again you are missing the point. These things come naturally! No one is supposed to tell you what to listen to when your boyfriend/girlfriend cheated on you. For example, when you were still together with your partner and you had a common favourite song, or the song you were listening to when you first made out, etc. then these are the songs you may want to turn to! But in any case, if you want guiding I guess I can propose a couple of songs, like ”don’t cry” by Guns n’ Roses, or ”summer’s rain” by Savatage, or ”In the Dream” by Savatage. Now if you are angry you can listen to ”you broke my heart so I broke your face” by Wehrmacht.


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ha ha ha…. this was quite amusing indeed! (sips on her tea with a raised little finger)

You made me laugh like in the old times, and that’s quite impressive taking into consideration the thousands of miles between us!

Comment by Jo

Ha! Herome pou s’ekana na gelaseis. Ego na deis gelio me afta pou vlepo edo mesa… How do you like my blog? Entyposiastikes me ta pare dose mou me tin tehnologia?

Comment by lentil81

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