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summer purchases, music and paradise lost
June 16, 2009, 6:44 pm
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Spring and early summer are shopping seasons for many reasons. First of all, it rhymes. Secondly, many bands (record companies) choose to release their albums at that time each year. Thirdly, the change in the weather makes me feel more artistic and less stressed than the autumn or winter. So it’s time for new music! The last month I bought the new Brutal Truth album which is awesome and the Heaven and Hell album. The latter is much better than I thought it would be. Its sound is HUGE and the riffs and orchestration are massive. I would say that it is a fusion of the Dehumanizer album, with the Strange Highways album and bits and pieces from the Born Again (like Zero the Hero) and Headless Cross (like Devil & Daughter) periods.  Bible Black is among the best songs Sabbath have ever recorded. Most of the other songs are awesome with personal favourites, Breaking into Heaven (riff that reminds of Shame on the night, but awesome chorus!), Eating the cannibals (awesome riffs by Iommi and trademark solos), Atom and Evil, Follow the tears, The turn of the screw.

However this post is about the purchase of Paradise Lost’s DVD from 2007, titled “Over the Madness”. This band is among the few most important bands of the 90s. Even though my favourite bands are death metal bands, still if I had to pick the most important and Best bands I would have to choose Paradise Lost. The other band I would have to choose would be Rage! But I save another post for them.

Paradise Lost have released one of the best death metal albums of all time. GOTHIC! This album is one of those albums we used to listen with friends and wonder how the hell they came up with all these melodies in each and every song. Of course, the achievement of Paradise Lost with this album is not that they managed to put together perfect melodies but the amazing coherence of the songs (something which I think is missing from the Shades of God album). Songs are organic entities, which seem to be born, grow and die. There is something extremely alive about these songs. When each song starts something completely new begins. As it continues you can sense its evolution. There are choruses which represent the ‘average’ sentiment of the song and there are magnificent highs (bridges or solos) which represent  important events in the song’s life. How else can one interpret the melody right after the chorus on The Painless? Finally it’s the end, where the songs pass on. Certainly my all time favourite Paradise Lost album. I could spend hours talking about all the other Paradise Lost albums. But  I won’t. Instead, I will refer to the people behind the band which I got to know a little bit through their documentary.

It is really fulfilling to see that people that you admire without knowing them, are good people.  I would rather never find out about the personal lives of most of the bands I love, because there is a big chance they are assholes.  For example, in this DVD, Greg (the band’s main composer) mentions an incident from a tour with Morbid Angel, when the singer of Morbid angel stated that he is in favour of ethnic cleansing. There you go. How am I supposed to listen to them again knowing this? However, the guys from Paradise Lost seem to be the best people in the world. Aaron (the guitarist) is a realy nice and sentimental person. What has striken me most was that he is a honest fan of his own band. He mentions at some point that he gets very emotional when he listens to the solo of Forever Failure! Of course, who doesn’t? But hearing that the musicians themselves appreciate the grandeur of their own creation is really nice!

Greg again, who is the mastermind behind at least 2/3 of the magnificence of Paradise Lost, is an amazing person. Very serious, humble and obviously bright, he is a model leader. I was surprised to hear him say that the album “believe in nothing” means nothing to him and was a compromise, because it also means nothing to me. It is clearly the worst P.L. album, although I like songs such as “divided” , “never again” or “sell it to the world”.  He looks back at the history of the band and the early years with humility and pinpoints the pivotal points in the band’s history from his point of view. Someone might expect that these would be the monumental Draconian Times album, or Icon. Greg though, values more albums like One Second, Host, and sees As I Die as the turning point for the band’s sound.

Nick (the singer) feels less comfortable in from of the camera and he shares fewer things with the public. Matt (original drummer) is delightful, nostalgic and a really good narrator of the band’s early years. I think that his drumming has been definitive for the development of Paradise Lost’s sound and since he left I ‘ve been missing it.

I am really looking forward to the new Paradise Lost album, which is being recorded as we speak. I am very curious to see what they have come up with after 3 masterpieces (Symbol of Life, Paradise Lost, In Requiem).


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