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swedish death metal through the eyes of a swedish death metaler #2

I think that the book should be called “my personal opinions about SWEDISH DEATH METAL according to which entombed are gods and all other bands are copycats and I don’t even bother give the benefit of a doubt” by Daniel Ekeroth!

I have to admit that I was blown away by the first part of the book! I found out so many awesome things about the early Swedish death metal scene (see previous post). But after that, I keep getting more and more pissed off! The author speaks about bands and albums with an authority that is unacceptable.

First of all, he informs us that Comecon is a shitty, uninspired band. I can interpret this as follows: either 1. he is deaf, 2. he does not like punk, 3. he has never read the lyrics, 4. he read the lyrics and he felt inadequate (because all Comecon albums have the best lyrics ever!), 5. or, he bought the record and there was a mix up and instead of a Comecon copy there was a Europe copy. Comecon is a serious, godly, innovative band that had a unique attitude inside the Swedish death metal scene. I also think that the author frowns upon the fact that this band was not comprised of a bunch of delinquent imbeciles, like almost all other death metal bands.

Secondly, JOHNNY’S VOCALS ARE WEAK!!!??? I am sorry but I think most people would say that Johnny (Unleashed) has got monumentally aggressive and brutal vocals! Also, the author says that he did not like the slow parts in Shadows in the deep! Songs like “Immortals” and “Shadows in the deep” are among the best songs ever written. The atmosphere, the austerity, the passion in these song, are unbelievable! Of course, taste in music varies. However, I don’t think it is proper to express your opinion as if it is an undisputed fact.

Thirdly, Cemetary’s first album is a copy of the awesome Astral sleep by Tiamat (and maybe Summerian cry). How can someone not notice this? It is crystal clear! There are songs and parts inside songs, that have been directly lifted off Astral sleep.  (“Nightmare lake” = 100% TIAMAT!). Also, in the case of Tiamat again, it would be better if the author commented on the history of things and not pass judgements on people’s creations! Astral Sleep and Clouds = masterpieces! Edlund might have a different opinion on his creation, but in any case, it is his creation and it is possibly associated with other unfortunate events.

Now for something that really tore me apart. My second all time favorite album of all times (behind Indecent and Obscene by Dismember) is Clandestine by Entombed. In this book, I discovered that the author does not like it that much. But that is ok. Anyway I am not interested in his opinions on bands, just his stories. The strange thing is that obviously the members of Entombed who have been interviewed for this book (Uffe and Nicke) , also think that this album sucks!!! Even better, they all agree that the vocals suck! How is that possible? I always considered the vocals in Clandestine as one of the biggest assets of this album! Each time I listen to this album, I feel like I am in another world! I seriously escape reality and get high on the music. If I had only one wish to make (in regards to music) I WOULD WISH FOR NICKE TO SING AGAIN IN DEATH BREATH WITH THESE AWESOME VOCALS! And who are we kidding?! Scot’s vocals in songs like “Christ all fuckin mighty” (Death Breath) are quite similar to the vocals in Clandestine. I don’t think anyone has a problem with his vocals! So why with the vocals in Clandestine? I really need some help here!

to be continued…

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