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Vegeterianism, post-vegeterianism and Propagandhi
April 22, 2009, 12:58 pm
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I got to see Propagandhi performing live a couple of days ago. The concert was awesome, although I did not like the venue (Concorde 2 in Brighton). Also I did not expect to see so many people!

Propagandhi is one of the most innovative and inspired extreme bands ever. Their first album (i.e. How to clean everything) was a really powerful, energetic and innovative one, bringing together elements from different genres into a very unique blend. The second album (i.e. Less talk more rock) was an excellent album and the one in which Propagandhi found their identity. Even though it sounds pop in relation to the next albums, it still has elements ubiquitous in their career thenceforward. Lyricwise, they have some of the most thoughtful, artistic and liberating lyrics ever, continuing the heavy legacy of bands like the Dead Kennedys. Their subsequent albums, (Today’s empires…, Potemkin…) instantly made them one of the most important bands of the 21st century (for me at least: you can see my opinion on the former in a previous post on the 15 best punk albums of north america). But canada always offered some of the most innovative and great music! Voivod, one of the pioneers of Thrash, successfully incorporated punk elements in their music (even before Amebix!). Slaughter, one of the pioneers of death metal! More recent bands like Cryptopsy and Kataklysm (until the late 90ties) gave lessons of technical and extremely brutal death metal that no one had heard of before! When it comes to punk, suffice to say that the enormous “Subhumans” are from Canada (they released an excellent album a couple of years ago as well!), DOA, and more recent bands like the unique Ballast (a Canadian version of Post Regiment). Of course Nomeansno are from Canada, the most respectful and awesome band ever!

Propagandhi continue their legacy of awesome albums, with this year’s “supporting caste”. It goes down the path paved by potemkin and today’s empires. However, it is less monumental and epic in relation to potemkin. Like Today’s empires (and to less extent potemkin), it has 3 extremely brutal songs sung by (and probably written by) Tod. In the concert the other night, I was a bit disappointed he didn’t sing at all (this means, no fuck the border…). Anyway, the album is a masterpiece! I cannot choose favorite songs right now, but I can say that I have listened more to “This is your life”, “Without love”, “Incalculable effects“, “Dear coach’s corner” and “Supporting caste” .

In one of the songs (i.e. Humane meat), the topic of “post-vegeterianism” is being discussed. I didn’t know about it until I listened to the album. Apparently, it is a philosophy whereby after you come to realise that the circle of life unavoidably entails the taking of one life to support the other, then it is ok to eat meat! According to this view, even the cutting of a plant or of a fruit is murder, just like killing a cow. Yes, slaughtering a pig, listening to its screams, looking at its desperate eyes is the same as cutting a cabbage. Get a life!


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OK…first of all, visit milk sucks for information about the milk industry
Animals don’t owe anything to humans and there is no such thing as human nature. There is only human stupidity.
Mammals make milk for their babies to feed, not another species to make milkshake. Drinking milk beyond infancy is unreasonable, otherwise we would breast feed our mothers like the ‘Bitty’guy in Little Britain.
In any case, organic farms etc are still part of a capitalist production- if you had a goat and she gave you some milk to make cheese once a year, when she had a baby, I guess that would be acceptable. And eggs, if you had a chicken as a pet.

And PLANTS HURT, because they have a nervous system of some sort. The only way to save your soul is to eat nuts and berries and live in hole.

Comment by hurting cabbage

hehe, ok I hear what you say. I know that the part about human nature is a bit essentialist, but I also think it is closer to the truth. So, even if small organic farms hurt their animals, I think that it is as good as it gets. I really think that some animals are lucky the way things are! And I support veganism, I might become one myself. I just think that then you get caught in this circle of “so why eat plants, or vegetables?” as well! As REM said, everybody hurts.

Comment by lentil81

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