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What could she do? She should be a rock star…

I’ve been listening to Kate Bush only since 2007. From the first few months, though, she earned a place among my favorite artists. She is one of the artists I both adore and envy, because her compositions are so beyond me! I could never write songs like Kate Bush does! I have never heard of anyone else writing songs like she does. I surely have never listened to anyone singing like she does. I only have Bush’s five first albums, but I think that they are enough to write a small oblation for her.

The first album I listened to was “Never Forever” (1980). I primarily got drawn by the picture in the cover of the album. It is definetely one of the best covers ever. I am also sure that it is where Nicke Andersson borrowed the concept for the first “Death Breath” album. I was familiar with the song ‘Babooshka’. However, when I carefully listened to it I realised that it resembled a lot one song from Dream Theater’s ‘Images and Words’ album. The song was ‘wait for sleep’, writen by Kevin Moore. I only like this album from dream theater, and from other albums I only liked the songs Moore had written. However, to my surprise I realised that the style of Moore is similar to that of Bush. I don’t know whether he copies Bush or anything, I just point out the resemblance. The song that amazed me was ‘Army Dreamers’, because of Bush’s beautiful singing, the orchestration, the lyrics and the amazing chorus.

The second album I bought from Bush was her first one (i.e. The kick inside, 1978). An amazing album written when Bush was a teenager(!), contains some of the best songs ever. Inspired compositions and dreaming melodies like ‘moving, ‘the saxophone song’, ‘wuthering heights‘ and more rock oriented songs like ‘James and the cold Gun’ or ‘Kite’. From the fabulous opening track, one comes across Bush’s extremely flexible voice, weaving its way through the complex theatrical melody. Throughout this album, strange and unconventional melodies render the listener unable to grasp its beauty with the first hearing. On the contrary, it requires attention and intentness.

Next, I bought ‘The Hounds of Love’, considered by many as her best album. It has a more pop production and is less complex than her previous works. However, it contains some phenomenal songs such as ‘Cloudbusting’, ‘Running up that hill‘,  ‘Mother stands for comfort, and so on’. The second side of the album has a different style than the first one, a more instrumental and theatrical one. A greek composer has stolen one of the melodies off the song ‘Cloudbusting‘. The song is “moira mou egines” sung by Andrianna Mpampali, and you can check the resemblance yourselves here.

The other two albums, ‘Lionheart’ (1978) and the weird and wicked ‘The Dreaming’ (1982), are the ones I have listened to less. Unfortunatelly, due to my superficial relationship with pop music, I have no idea to what extent she has influenced her peers, or any female artists who continued her legacy.


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but you should know that contemporaries focus more on the way she dances (hence the fb group ‘i want to dance like kate bush’)- and the photos thereof- rather than her compositions and I bet that if she wasn’t that hot you wouldn’t bother listening to her in the first place. I agree that she is extremely talented and think writing about her makes this blog even more brilliant.

Comment by army of lovers

First of all, the first album I listened to was “never for ever”. In this album there are no hot pictures of her, except some pictures where she is like crazy and pretends to be a vulture or something… But, yes she is really hot!

Comment by lentil81

“A greek composer has stolen one of the melodies off the song ‘Cloudbusting‘. The song is “moira mou egines” sung by Andrianna Mpampali”:

Theossss!!!!!!!!!!!! Very astute observation Leuteraki!!!!! By the way, aisxos i Mpampali….!!! “Running Up That Hill” is phenomenal indeed!!!! Love both the song and video!! Prepei na sou steilw k to deutero version tou “Wuthering Heights”….it’s even better!!

Much love darling!! xxx

Comment by Billy

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