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Social unrest in greece and the media: a throwaway revolution
December 13, 2008, 7:09 pm
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Things start moving, and then not so much. The last few days, it seems that the police is being treated like shit in greece. I came across videos in youtube and the tv in which regular people curse at the police and tell it to “go to hell” and to leave kids alone! That actually feels good. It is nice to see that in a place that I consider to be “a lost cause”, there is a spark left. Moreover, in e-mails and in the independent media, proclamations from the revolutionaries are been circulated. “Turn the police stations into public kitchens for the homeless”, “release prisoners, besides rapists, pedophiles and pimps” (these are the dominant values now, in the future some of the latter may stand a chance as well) and so on.

Of course, mainstream media gradually loose their interest in the social unrest. That makes sense, they have their own stakes in the system.  Even from the third day of the events, the media explicitly clarified their position. The policeman is bad, not the government nor the system that enforces this government. They are all against the cop who killed the boy, but they are clearly against people “destroying and looting the shops”. They don’t stop to ask themselves why do these people burn the shops. Is there something symbolic about that? Could it be a wake-up call to society? Stop worrying about your profits, you are all being robbed of your lives every day that passes and you don’t even care!  They are all willing to punish the asshole who pulled the trigger, but are unwilling to do something about the government, and in fact the system, which put the gun in the hands of the murderer. They cannot afford to do something about that, because they won’t bite the hand that feeds. And the pigs eat well indeed. Further, think about this.  A young, white, greek, boy, has been murdered. We don’t know what would happen if an old, black, foreign, girl had been murdered. Actually we do know for some of the categories. Immigrants have been dying off like flies in greece, either by the hands of fascists or the police. The media never has to say anything about these cases. Also, a while ago an albanian girl has been raped by her classmates in school. Anarchists organised protests and were seriously injured by the disgusting clique of the town the guilty stay in. The media NEVER even mentioned the events. The social unrest is good for the media, of course, because it is a hot topic. But they cannot allow it to go very far. They will use it and then throw it away.

The value hierarchy therefore is: First, money, second, national identity, … and maybe seventh, human life. Each time there was a notion in a tv programme of trying to understand what the rioters want, the discussion was automaticaly interrupted. Invaluable ally to the media, was the communist party. It once again showed its fixation with the past, its fanaticism and its incapacity to grasp change and to assume responsibility. This organised attack against the anarchists will have one important effect in the future of this country. In the next elections, the nationalist party will increase its power in the parliament. It will play the cards of, “immigrant looters” and “loose anarchists”.  Αντε κ’ εις ανώτερα!

I’ve slipped the noose,
The shackles are off.
My maturity fixation outshines.
It’s go for broke
And fuck it all,
With head held higher (than thou)
I am the man that used to care.
Who was I then?
So quizzical with foresight.
Now I’ve favored to savor the flavor
Of nine-to-five intuition.
Out with the old, in with the new regime.
I sold my soul to the rebotised dream.
Breaking bones of contention.
I’m just an empty shell
With integrity scooped out.
A painted smile,
A glass-eye high
On two that can’t cry.
Touch me,
I’m cold to the merits of (real) love.
I stepped back from the edge
When other slipped off.

p.s. We came up with a couple of jokes in the past few days with my friend George Norton. Here’s one. Why did Karamanlis go to Brussels on Wednesday? Because he wanted to do some shoping but the center in Athens was closed.


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