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Why concerts are the best form of entertainment

With the occasion of the 20 years anniversary show of Dismember, I would like to pay a small tribute to the best form of entertainment, id est the Live Show! All of us have memories from concerts that will stay with us forever, even though we might not remember anything from the actual concert, or what we remember might just be a figment of our imagination created by the hallucinatory atmosphere of the event. Why concerts are the best form of entertainment? Because of four simple reasons:

1. Even if the actual concert lasts only a couple of hours, its effects are present days before the show and continue to exist days after the show. Several days before the concert, one should be psychologically prepared for it. Further, one should go through the band’s discography and fill in possible gaps. After the concert for a couple of days, you discuss with your friends how awesome the concert was and you are still suffering the cost of ‘thrashing all around’, to quote Metallica.

2. The various rituals associated with the concert are awesome! As far as me and my friends are concerned we have several rituals. First of all, there is the discussion on ‘which song the band will play first’. We have to express our personal wish but also to imagine what would be a possible choice of the band and justify why. The second ritual has to do with all the discussion on how the scene has become, make fun of ‘spring chickens’ in the scene, whom you can tell from their appearance (brand new t-shirts, a scarred look in their face) and older ‘metal-fathers’ we called them, with their pretentious looks, flaunting their old t-shirts. Third, is the ritual of guessing which songs the DJ will play before the concert. In the 90s, there was always the same playlist! ‘Lycanthropy’ by Six Feet Under, ‘Symbolic’ by Death, maybe ‘Suicide machine’ by Death, ‘War ensemble’ by Slayer and others, were the soundtrack of our concerts in Rodon. Fourth, the ritual of grabbing something to eat after the concert (most likely souvlaki).

3. Of course there is the time when the band plays. You get to see in front of you some people that you admire. When it comes to Greece in the nineties, there is also the element of gratitude. Most of the time we could not believe how lucky we were to see a great band! We actually thought they were doing as a favor coming over to play. And when you got to listen to the songs you wished they played, the feeling was indescribable, and still is.

4. Finally, a concert sometimes turns out to be a strong emotional link with the artist. We saw Death in 1998. A few years later, Chuck the founder and leader of Death, died. The fact that we saw him perform is something that will live on in our hearts forever. We saw Vader in 1999, in a time when they were huge and had released only masterpieces. Doc, their drummer who also died a few years ago, was a major figure and we hugely admired him. We saw Napalm Death, in 2001 and we got to see Jesse before he died as well.

With the above in mind, I cannot imagine how I would feel if I had attended the 20 years Dismember show in Sweden. I would probably be in a coma, or in a hospital with doctors trying to detach me from Fred, Robert or Rickard, after I had hugged them to death.

p.s. By the way how awesome are Robert’s vocals?! They remind me a bit of the old school Brazilian death scene.


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