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The Hanson Brothers in Brighton #2
November 6, 2008, 3:25 pm
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I know I’ve already written a post on the Hanson Brothers gig, but I have to write again because it was AWESOME! The opening bands were not that big a deal. One of them, los mendozas, was a group of spoiled  kids with very bad taste who managed to ruin the night for many people who had work or school to attend next day and just wanted to have some fun. They were pretty brave behind their masks but when I saw a couple of them after their show, they looked like scared little chickens afraid of someone beating the shit out of them. However, when the Hanson Brothers played all bad impressions disappeared.

The sound was awesome, Tommy was hillarious and the band was in general tight, intense and in good mood. They started with “Total Goombah” and played more than 20 songs. Only from the first album, they played 10 songs, including my favourite songs: A night without you, It’s a secret, Jack off and Sabrina. They also played “Bad” which I have only heard from Biafra in the “Sky is falling…” album. From the second album they also played some awesome songs, like “Danielle”, “Stickboy”, “We’re brewing” and the “Hockey song”. From the latest album they playedall the songs I wished they played: “My game”, “Everything I wanted”, “Tranquil”, “100+10%”… Among the best moments was the cover of “Commando” by the Ramones, with slightly changed lyrics (instead of Vietnam it was Afghanistan and probably some other changes…).

Then, the stangest thing happened this morning! While I was on my bicycle going to the University, I saw Rob Wright going into a record store on Western Road! So I park my bike, return home, get some of my Nomeansno and Hanson Brothers albums and go back into the store where Rob signed my albums and we had a brief chat. Unfortunately, I had to run because I was already late for my class. However, after 15 minutes of cycling I realised that I had forgotten my bag at home… So, I returned home, missed the class but listened to the “Worldhood of the world” because I was happy.

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