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Credit crisis brings Brighton to its knees!
October 26, 2008, 11:49 am
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OK I have to admit that Brighton is definetely not the representative British city, on the contrary it is one of the most rich places on the island. Further, it is quite ambivalent, who suffers due to an economic downturn. Poor people might suffer because they might loose their home, rich people might loose beacause the stock market goes down, etc. Still, it was exremely funny going out for a walk in Brighton yesterday morning. Thousands of people, wild in the streets with shoping bags and an insatiable appetite for more, was the last thing one would expect to see. I have not seen so many people in the streets of Brighton since I came here! And they were not only in the streets. Shops were full as well, Cafeterias the same.

Then I saw this show on TV that made me think a bit differently about the british case. The hosts were discussing with people who were seriously hit by the financial crisis. The unfortunate couple explained how their property, for which they aimed to get 280 thousand pounds, now worths only 240!!! Tragic indeed… If that had happened in Greece:

1. On the same day, the couple would be on every  Harry Hill and Graham Norton equivallent TV show, and people would be making fun of it.

2. Pissed off viewers who had lost their homes would be calling and cursing at the “unlucky” couple.

3. Other, not so much affected by the crisis, viewers would be calling and making fun of the couple by saying stuff like, “…yeah I totally empathise, I had to sell one of my twelve golden yachts”, etc.

Of course something like that would never happen in Greece. The reason is that, there is a different kind of sensitivity in Greece. There might be extremely rich people and extremely poor. But the extremely rich, who are possibly corrupt and pigs, have a basic sensitivity not to offend poor people or at least not to piss them off, when they suffer! This is impossible in british society where class cosciousness is so vivid. Poor people live in their own microcosm, middle class people in their own and rich in their own.

And of course all this fuss is about…


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Well said, and how about the working class woman on Channel 4 who was complaining about the crisis, she was feeling really poor cause she had to give up the SKY tv subscription!! Poor thing! There has to be a differentiation for the use of the word ‘poverty’ and economic crisis, I mean it seems like well off britons try really hard to participate in this suffering climate, they are suffering so much that they have to buy everything on sale right now!

Comment by crisis has struck me so hard that I've given up caviar and champagne for breakfast

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