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Hanson Brothers in Brighton
October 6, 2008, 2:00 pm
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Hanson Brothers is an awesome canadian punk band which will play live in Brighton (the Prince Albert) on the 5th of November. They are actually a Ramones tribute band by the members of Nomeansno (plus 1), and their style is exactly a copy of the Ramones blent with Nomeansno elements. The result is: songs that could be written by the Ramones (primarily first four albums era, though one can find elements that resemble their mid-eighties discography, especialy in songs like “Rink Rat” or “Four heads, one Brain”), executed with surgical precision and intensity. I dare say that, even though I am not so sure how seriously they take themselves, I like them more than most “serious” punk/hardcore bands around. Their three albums are brilliant. I personally like more their first one (i.e. Gross Misconduct, 1992), which was the first I got, and contains some of the most inspired and entertaining songs of the 90s, like “Jack off“, “A night without you“, “It’s a secret“. “Jack off” is the ultimate masturbation praise song, even better than “Orgasm addict”! The other two albums are great as well. Awesome riffs and tempos that even the Ramones would envy.

The members of the band are not themselves on stage. Instead they play roles that fit the lyrical content of the songs, that is: Beer, hockey and girlfriends. Even though I ‘ve never seen them on stage before, from videos it seems that their performances are not only explosive but a hoot as well! October of 2007, I saw Nomeansno in Brighton, now I will see the Hanson Brothers! Another dream that will come true. Even though the show is on Wednesday, occasionally you gotta make an xcape, so …

Hanson Brothers at myspace


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