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The Hellacopters: The last goodbye
October 3, 2008, 3:09 pm
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There are some moments in one’s life that will always be remembered. I experienced one of these moments 4 days ago, when I saw the Hellacopters in London. The reason why this gig will always be remembered is not only because the Hellacopters are among my favourite bands ever, but because they have decided to split up after their autumn tour. The gig was awesome, despite the fact that the audience in the front rows proved once more that all audiences, regardless of genre, have their share in stupidity.

The band played some of their best songs, among which are some of their most famous songs (i.e. You are nothin’, Hopeless case …, No song unheard, I’m in the band, By the grace …, The devil stole the beat …, etc). Of course, we are talking about a band with a unique record in releasing extremely inspired energetic rock n’roll, so no matter which songs they played, it would be awesome. They did not play some of my favourite songs, however, like ‘Hey‘, ‘Baby Borderline‘, ‘Make it tonight‘, ‘Put out the fire‘. They only played two songs off their last abum, ‘In the sign of the octopus’ and ‘Electrocute’ (my personal favourites are ‘I just don’t know about girls’ and ‘Rescue’).

The members of the band have new plans for the post-Hellacopters era. On the one hand I think it is a wise choice spliting up. They have released 7 amazing albums, in which they played from filthy garage-punk, to punk-rock, hard-rock, pure rock n’ roll and blues, and never repeated themselves. It is possible that they felt like exploring new routes!  Some of the things they might want to do, like what Nicke does with The Solution, might be misunderstood or disapproved by the Hellacopters’ fans. Maybe, as I say in an older post, too much publicity is too much for them! On the other hand, I still can’t believe the split up! Some older people claim they have been a part of rock history because they saw the Beatles once, or took part in Woodstock. Well having experienced a Hellacopters concert today, is the closest one can get to that. Because the Hellacopters have written a huge part of contemporary rock history.

Among the best moments of the gig were the monumental ‘Carry me home‘, ‘Everything is on TV‘ one of my personal favourites, ‘The devil stole the beat…’ and of course ‘Gotta get some action now!’, during the encore. Here are two videos from the concert, with the band playing better than you and the fabulous Ferrytale (I think it was the second or third song of the gig).


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I went to two farewell shows in holland, and I loved it just as much as you did. I also saw them back in the nineties, but i was still drinking back then and i don’t remember much of it.

Also at one of the shows in holland their was this trailer trash audience, which i didn’t really expect, but didn’t really bother me.

Comment by metropolitan life

I didn’t know what “trailer trash” meant so I had to look it up, and I have to say that this is definetely NOT what I meant! By saying that a part of the audience consisted of assholes, I definetely did not imply that these assholes had a particular common social or economic status. Nor I assumed that people from a specific social class are expected to act in an obvious way! And for that matter, the assholes looked pretty middle-class spoiled brats to me.

Comment by lentil81

Hellacopters at the Hove-festival here in Norway this summer http://nrkp3.no/konserter/?indeks=136583 Enjoy 15 of their best songs!!


Comment by Rune Hellem

Thanx for that link, but everytime I try to watch or see something in a Swedish, and now Norwegian site, it just does not work! I have tried in the past to listen to a radio show of Death Breath in a swedish site and that did not work! If anyone ‘s got a tip I would appreciate…

Comment by lentil81

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