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2008 playlist

The year 2008 has been musicwise a good one, since some of my favorite bands released an album. Some other bands not so favorite, also put out some really nice music that accompanied my restless winter and summer this year. Tiamat released an interesting album after many years of stalemate (i.e. since A deeper kind of slumber), Motorhead unfortunately were unable to surpass their previous perfect album (i.e. Kiss of Death) and made a boring album with sole interesting moments those that try to copy their past, Dismember released a monstrous album impresively executed, Benediction released a huge masterpiece I have already listened a million times and I only have it one week! I here propose a 2008 playlist with my personal best songs for 2008, put together in a way that makes sense:

1. Dismember –Combat Fatigue

Combat fatigue could likely refer to the infinite studying during this winter and summer. An excellent song, one of the best songs out of Sweden for many years. It sets of with a riff that could only be written by Sarcofago of the INRI era! It continues with a simple and steady heavy beat and an old school Dismember riff. The chorus is massive. and for the final lines a totally new enthralling riff enters with Karki’s transfixing interpratation eventuating in the initial sarcofago-riff. Confusion-Angst-Fear-Tiredness and drums-monotonous riff-vocals tear the place apart.

2. Hail of Bullets – Advancing Once More

The album about war this year is the one released by “Hail of Bullets”, even though Dismember is about war as well. Martin Van Drunen leads this all-star band. Gebbedi, of “Thanatos” fame, is on guitar and Ed Wardby, of Goreferst, on drums. The song, as the album in general, reeks of Gorefest. The heavy Gorefest riff in the begining leads slowly to an impressive old scholl outbreak in the middle of the song. The riff reminds of “Death”, of the Leprosy era. Van Drunen’s vocals make me feel like time has stopped in 1995.

3.  Deicide – Horrors in the Halls of Stone

Probably the best song in the new Deicide album. I liked this album more than the previous one, which I found ok but shallow. This song is hellish and heavy in the beginning, not similar to anything Deicide have done in the past. The riff in the 1:48 and the grinding part however, is 100% early Deicide! A riff so simple and old fashioned, but no new band could pull off. Benton is repugnant.

4. Tiamat – Until the hellhounds sleep again

Even though because of songs like ‘The equinox…’ the new Tiamat album became so loved, my favorite and the one I listened more was this one. Scary atmosphere and a great chorus.

5. Portishead – The Rip

Maybe the song I listened more from the new album. I am ashamed to speak about it. It speaks for itself.

6. Hellacopters – I just don’t know about girls

The final Hellacopters album is unfortunately their worst because it is comprised of cover songs. However, almost all songs are very good. My favorite ones are the one from Asteroid B-612 (this one) and the amazing cover of Dead Moon’s ‘Rescue’. ‘I just don’t know…’ is perfect for Nicke’s voice and has an amazing chorus.

7. Disfear – Testament

One of my favorite records this year is the new Disfear. That song is among the ones which blew me away. See past post for more (i.e. Who’s who? About Disfear and others).

8. Disfear – Get it off

The killer opening track of the new Disfear. It signposts the period when I indeed had a lot to get off my back.

9. Unleashed – The greatest of all lies

A perfect song from the new Unleashed album, in order to get back to death metal. Death the way ONLY Unleashed know how to play. I dare anyone to point me towards another band that does what they do.

10. Benediction – Dripping With Disgust

PROBABLY THE BEST SONG FOR THIS YEAR. Benediction released a fuel injected death metal masterpiece. Nevermind the drum machine (I don’t know for sure but it sure sounds like one). Pure inspiration and early 90s feeling from one of Britain’s finest! The singer has gone mad in this album. I don’t think death metal has been more honest and furious for a long time. The best intro ever, best chorus ever!

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