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Carcass in Greece
July 11, 2008, 8:13 pm
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Carcass disbanded after the release of their album Swansong in 1996. Their reputation has grown since and today they are considered one of the most influential bands in extreme metal. Hundreds of bands are influenced by Carcass or, to be more precise, copy them. The extend to which their music influenced fans can be seen by the fact that they might be the first band in the extreme scene that got its own tribute band in 1990, “General Surgery”. Other bands that were heavily influenced (or even copied) Carcass in the early days were the great “Cadaver” from Norway, and “Haemmorhage” from spain.

One of the new bands that copies Carcass, but even though I think is great, is “Impaled”, which especially in their first release had many old school swedish elements in their music as well. Aborted’s third album is to some extent “Heartwork” inspired songs. Other bands copy Carcass as well, with results that are not worth mentioning. After a certain point it just becomes boring and stupid.

Carcass decided to do a reunion tour this summer. They played some days ago at the Rockwave festival in Greece. My friends from Athens called me to say they were on their way to see them. Afterwards they called again to share their experience. They said that Owen appeared for some minutes on stage behind the drum kit and that the audience went wild (Ken Owen is one of Carcass’s founding members and one of the most important and inspired drummers in extreme music. He has recovered from a brain hemorrhage he suffered in the late 90ties). Daniel Erladsson, of Arch Enemy fame, was playing the drums and Michael Ammot was the second guitarist. In my opinion, since 1998, when Arch Enemy released “stigmata”, Ammot has released a string of extremely uninspired albums, which even though the media refer to them as death metal albums they are actually power metal.

Anyway, here I post a video with Carcass playing Heartwork live in Greece. Enjoy

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Carcass were awesome, I think I’ve still got some of their tape cassettes somewhere in a box. That’s so oldschool 🙂

Comment by Zungo Zang

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