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July 7, 2008, 3:11 pm
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Nicke Andersson is nowadays considered as one of the most important personalities in the world rock music scene. He is adored by millions of fans around the world and his band, the Hellacopters, would not be a hyperbole to say that it revived interest in quality rock music. Moreover, his genius is acknowledged by legends of the rock scene. The likes of Scott Morgan (Sonic’s Rendezvous Band) or Wayne Kramer (MC5) share the opinion, with the latter stating that ‘the future is all about Nicke’.

Indeed the Hellacopters (Andersson might be the leader and the main songwriter, but the other members are extremely good musicians and composers as well), have achieved at least three things: First, they revived interest in rock music and created beautiful music for us to enjoy. Second, they inspired and will continue to inspire kids to pick up an instrument (probably guitar) and learn how to play it (Youtube is filled with teenage bands playing Hellacopters covers). Third, they opened up the way for many other scenes and bands to be heard. Their last studio album (Head Off) added greatly to that last thing, since it is comprised of other band’s songs. Speaking for myself, I became really excited and immediately started looking for stuff from the Humpers, the Maharajas, Asteroid B-612 and the Robots.

I have this idea for many years now, fuelled by some lyrics by Dionnysis Savopoulos’ song ‘Neo Kyma’ (album ‘Trapezakia Exo’ 1983), that when musicians write a song and other people take it and listen to it, adore it or hate it, the essence of the song changes forever. I imagine that when a song is the product of the artist’s inner battle with feelings, when it represents the only possible way to express what goes on in their mind and soul, then it might be unbearable for the artist to see other people “manipulate” this song. Regardless of how much flattering is for a musician to watch hundreds or thousands of people singing the lyrics, I think that there comes a time when they will say “that’s enough”. I do not claim that Andersson decided to end the Hellacopters because of the increasing attention he gets from the world, but this might be one thing.

I do not want to sound offensive towards fans, primarily because I am one of these people who annoyingly scream the lyrics during gigs. By saying “manipulate” I mean that everyone can interpret the song they way they want and many times feel that they own the song. I think that this might be intollerable for an artist. I sometimes feel that I own a song so much that I feel offended when I see other people thinking they own the same song. The funny thing is, that I feel the same for Nicke Andersson himself! Let me explain myself before I am missunderstood as a stalker or something.

I see nowadays many people becoming obsessed with Andersson. On youtube people praise him or the Hellacopters as the best frontman or the best band, respectivelly. More people discover the Hellacopters and admire Andersson every day. Others consider Nicke to be “hot” (I’ve actually seen a video on Youtube)! The kids playing hellacopters covers wear the same clothes and hat Nicke wears. I find myself getting annoyed at all these, because of the totally inappropriate notion that I own him first!

More than twelve years ago, when no one really gave a damn about the Hellacopters, I already admired Andersson as the leader of Entombed. He was undeniably the driving force behind Entombed, he had written some of the best lyrics ever, some of the best music ever, some of the best artworks ever, including the logo of my favourite band (Dismember) and not least he had performed the best vocals ever in the masterpiece named Clandestine. He, together with Fred Estby, Dan Swano and some others were my favourite musicians, but Andersson always had a distinctive place in that Pantheon. I am sure that there were other people that shared the same enthousiasm and admiration for him, but back then they were probably a few and not possible for one to know about the other.

Today the fanbase has expanded exponentially. I have never met Nicke Andersson but I think that he is a pretty normal guy. I don’t think he is arrogant even though I am sure he is conscious of what he has achieved this far. I am sure that he is not interested in publicity or success, because he is a musical genius and that alone is enough of a satisfaction. Finally I think, though I might be wrong, that a few freaks like me or other fans thinking that he is GOD, are manageable. I have the feeling though that a collective Nicke Andersson obsession and a large scale manipulation of his artistic output might be to much for him to take, that is why he chooses to end things while it’s still time.


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Nicke is fucking GOD!

‘Nuff said

Comment by Dennis

Yes he is, and I’m gonna see him on September 29th in London!

Comment by lentil81

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