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Let me introduce myself…
July 4, 2008, 10:28 pm
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I am Split, and this blog is my first attempt ever to communicate with people I do not know through the internet. This blog will hopefully satisfy my need to bring forward and discuss issues around popular music, that I so much love. This need is even stronger at this time of my life, that I live in a new environment in a foreign country (UK), away from Greece where I grew up and from my friends with whom I used to spend hours talking about our favourite and not so favourite bands.

Even though my need for songs is insatiable, and hence I am open to all kinds of different genres to be able to feed it, I still have to call myself a punk and a death metaler, based on two criteria: time (number of years I listen to the specific genre and hours per day) and space (space my records from the specific genre take up in my collection).

Some of the functions of genres, in my opinion, is that they allow communication between musicians and their fans, they reduce uncertainty, reinforce tastes, and create and satisfy desires. My favourite sub-genre is what today is known as “old-school Swedish death metal”. Of course when I started listening to it, it was just Swedish death metal. Later on as new elements were introduced and the old sound begun to die out, the label “old school” was introduced. Favourite bands of that period include Dismember, Entombed, Unleashed, Grave, Comecon, Edge of Sanity, At the Gates, Carbonized, Tiamat, and so on.

As far as my other favourite genre is concerned, Punk, then I would have to say that the American west coast scenes are what I love. The interesting thing about hardcore-punk, is that the bands that defined the genre, at the  same time set so high standards that no band since has managed to surpass. The adolescents, circle jerks, D.I., True Sounds Of Liberty, Social Distortion, Agent Orange, Descendents, are the most representative sample of bands that marked the beginning and the end of a genre.

The above are scenes that have oligopolised my interest for many years now and will probably continue to do so for many more. I will use this space to talk about records and bands that I love and about the things they make me feel and think, how I think they influence my life, comment upon new releases, and more philosophical quests as well.


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Comment by Mr WordPress

hey split, kool name ;^)
I am looking forward to your posts!

Comment by geonorton

a re leyte eisai poli trela me to internet.eisai poli akadimaikos haker.!!!!cxaxxaxaxaxa

Comment by provato

apisteuto oti eftiajes
mprabo leyte

Comment by mat

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